Summer Program for High Schoolers: Dive into the World of Technology

Unlock Your Potential with a 6-Week, 20-Hour Program

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Introduction to Programming and Data Science Fundamentals

1. Learn the Basics of Programming in Python:

2. Understand Variables, Data Types, and Operations:

3. Explore Control Structures: Loops and Conditionals:

Mathematics and Statistics Essentials for Data Analysis

1. Discover the Power of Linear Algebra:

2. Gain an Overview of Calculus:

3. Introduction to Probability and Statistics:

Data Handling and Preprocessing Techniques

1. Hands-on Experience with Data Types and Structures:

2. Master Data Cleaning and Preprocessing Techniques:

3. Learn Basic Data Visualization for Effective Communication:

Exploring the World of Machine Learning: Supervised Learning

1. Understand the Foundations of Supervised Learning:

2. Learn about Classification and Regression Techniques:

3. Explore Popular Algorithms like Decision Trees and Logistic Regression:

Unleash the Power of Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Hands-on Project: Solving Real-World Problems

1. Apply Your Knowledge to a Guided Project:

2. Solve a Real-World Problem Using Provided Guidance:

3. For Example, a Simple Image Classification Task with Pre-trained Models:

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